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About Us

Bella Isa Mission

We deeply embrace our responsibility of delivering a richly satisfying experience to our guests during their brief and important time with us.

Bella Isa further recognizes the delicate trust that we have been blessed to receive from them, and that through warmth, competence, and emotional intelligence we can prove ourselves worthy of that trust.

We believe in sustaining an environment that is synergistic in nature which shines equal respect upon our staff members, their families, and our community alike.

Bella Isa is a team bound together in the interest of creating meaningful memories, feelings of peace, and serenity for all of its honored guests.

Bella Isa Spa on Boracay

About the Owners

Husband and wife team Irene and Robbie live and manage Bella Isa full time on the beautiful island of Boracay.

Bella Isa Spa owners

Irene hails from a professional background rich in spa and clinical experience dating back to 1995. She began in the field of nursing, followed by her real passion: the spa industry. After deciding to pursue her calling Irene served as an assistant to cosmetic surgeons for several years before becoming a spa trainer and consultant. Her expertise in massage and facial treatments is especially notable. But, Irene’s most important gift is the genuine care and nurturing that she shares with her guests and staff. Her calm and loving nature is infectious, and this translates directly into the warm feeling you’ll get when you enter the spa.

Robbie comes from the southeastern U.S. which is known for its Southern hospitality. He moved here in 2010 to start a new life in paradise after successfully owning and operating many businesses there. Robbie has a keen eye for talented therapists who possess good flow and energy. He knows that truly great staff is the key to creating positive experiences for Bella Isa’s guests. They have to possess more than skilled hands, and hearts that come through them. Hearts that the customer can feel from the way they massage, serve a cup of tea, or even open the door for you. He realizes that the décor can be perfect, the lighting can be just right, the music can move you, but without genuinely loving energy the whole experience falls short.

Irene and Robbie married their talents at Bella Isa where you’re assured a fine and relaxing time. Please come join them by the seaside on the spectacular White Beach in Boracay!

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